10 thoughts on “Music profit pie”

  1. This is like the gold miners in California. The people who made the money were the Mercantiles who changed gold into money, sold pics and shovels, sold drinks etc. Nothing has changed, it’s just the smart people know which job will make them the most money.

  2. If the musicians are making smaller percentages then it hurts them even more because they need it more… how much they get hurt is completely unrelated to how much they make relative to the record company.

    Edit: Oops, just realised I missed the point completely. Disregard 😛

  3. With iTunes and youtube record companies aren’t needed anymore so downloading music free does hurt musicians.
    The better 3D printers get the more downloading free will hurt makers and sellers of everything, There are big changes ahead.
    Musicians and CD store clerks will have a lot of company 🙂

  4. Musicians make most of their money from CONCERTS and SHOWS, and all the crap they sell there. The amount of money that comes from the record companies hardly pays for the meals.

  5. Amusing, but not accurate. Agent usually gets 10% of artist’s cut, producer 15% to 20%. It’s true that with CDs and vinyl the record companies took most of the revenue (not profit – they also took most expenses).

    With iTunes, Apple takes 30%, band + others get 70%. Musicians get the biggest slice with iTunes – unless they signed a really stupid contract.

  6. amazing how a thief can always rationalize their actions by claiming the person that they are stealing from is to rich to care.

    the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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