16 thoughts on “How a sewing machine works

  1. So there’s a snake in there trying to eat its own tail. Now I understand!

    Wait, where do they get the snakes from?

  2. Ahhh! If it were only sew simple! They don’t show you the part where the needle clips a straight pin and breaks, lodging the former point into the bobbin case which then spins a knotted pile of thready spaghetti around the base of the throat plate, leaving you to cut the mangled threads to release the fabric … followed by ripping out the now defunct seam and being forced to start the whole %*&#$ process all over again…. But I just love sewing!

  3. Linda is wondering where the part is that spins at about 500 MPH and make the thread get all knotted. As you may have guessed, she and sewing machines do not get along very well. I do all of the machine sewing around here.

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