Farting blood ???

Matthew C writes:

I just did a google search and for some reason the results seemed funny.

Farted blood

One wonders why someone would Google this.  Hope you’re OK dude!

Thanks Matthew

10 comments to Farting blood ???

  • JD

    I don’t see why this is funny…while not always serious, rectal bleeding definitely can be, and for people who don’t know what’s going on it can be a very scary thing. I’m sure googling to find some answers/comfort is a natural thing to do.

  • sirgoof

    I always thought this was just a fake excuse for leaving a party early

  • theviewuphere

    sure Matthew, you did the search for a “friend” right? I guess it is a bit funny though, as personally I would be asking my Doctor, not Google.

  • DJ

    I’ve farted a lot of things, but…

  • crispy

    Some people will google it first so they know whether or not to bother taking a day off to ask their doctor. “I dunno. Doesn’t come up in conversations often. Little tense about bringing it up with Bob at lunch. Maybe everybody does it! I’ll just google it.”

    Sometimes I google stuff to know how panicked I should be.

  • gallgizzard

    Passing blood from the anus is a serious issue. It could mean that things got a little rough last night with the toys, or it could signal a bowel cancer, or Crohn’s disease. With today’s big Sister looking over your shoulder, I would hesitate to google that thought, and instead, call my Doctor if I have some spare money. But who can afford medical care now? Merry Christmas, Gizz

  • Joey (from Sweden)

    Haemorrhoids, maybe? I’d say that’s probably the most common cause.

  • sirgoof

    Really, I just wanted to leave the party early, but thanks for your concern!

  • Jim Gillen

    Was it King George who died while on the (proverbial) “throne”.
    The servants found him totally bled out, I understand.

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