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    • I agree! I live in Florida- every time you enter the ocean to a depth greater than knee-deep, you are no longer on top of the food chain.

  1. This would be facinating, aside for the fact that the years this guy took some of the data from make it completely pointless and warped. If anything, he’s proving that the same warping techniques used to make breast cancer and terrorists seem so bad, can also be used in exactly the same way, to make completely different things seem bad.

    For example, Comparing the number of children abducted by strangers in 1999, more than a decade ago, to the number of kids who drown in pools in 2008… I can’t even count how many times i’ve heard people saying that the world was safer when they were younger. Meaning that the number of children abducted has almost certainly risen since 1999, probably to more than 288, i’d bet.

    I’d believe this a lot more readily if ALL of the facts were from 2009. Every single one.

    • One of the problems here is determining whether we are comparing apples and oranges. The point of this infographic, I presume, is to give us an idea of how some of the things to which we have strong emotional reactions appear when we see them side by side. How many people realize that 10 women die from cardiovascular disease for every one who dies from breast cancer? This is not to minimize the tragedy which is breast cancer, but to help us understand reality. The child abduction stat reminds me that we do children and strangers a disservice when we promote the “Stranger Danger” concept. Children are far and away more likely to be abducted and abused by someone they know then by a stranger. So why do we spend so much emotion and energy trying to keep them safe from the less likely scenerio?

    • The number of children abducted by stangers has actually decreased and it was higher in 1940 than it is today. And just because people say that the world was safer it doesn’t mean it true. In fact it’s nonsense, the world is safer now because there are more rights, more knowledge and more protection. The problem is the “nostalgia effect”, warped memories by compressing the past and remembering only the good things as if they happened on a daily basis rather than remembering that goods things happened twice a year and bad things twenty times a day. It’s the reason why diaries exist.

  2. I think you guys all missed the point: The IRS audits more people than there are murders, suicides, children abducted by strangers, children drowning in pools, shark attacks, American deaths by terrorist, American deaths by flu, deaths by allergic reactions to peanuts, deaths by unintentional poisoning, deaths from breast cancer, deaths from cardiovascular disease, fatal airline accidents, and fatal car accidents COMBINED, a number that equals OVER HALF of the total American deaths each year….
    Looks like we should be afraid of the IRS!

  3. And you can add to the list Men who died of Prostate Cancer way less than men who die of Cardiovascular Disease (sorry, I do not have the numbers).

  4. And the point being to all of the overly protective mothers and “breast cancer” awareness people is: There are millions of creative and spectacular ways to die. So stop letting someone else control you and live your life!

  5. Ah, statistics. Only good liars don’t need them. The rest of us make them up 72.8% of the time. The other 49.8% of the time we suppress the ones that we don’t agree with.

  6. Gee, the CDC has the data from 2007. So why is this pulling data from different years? Oh, and I looked at the data. Over half of us will live to be 74 and older, and over 74 percent will live to be over 64. Heart diseases, cardiovascular/vascular diseases are the number one killers. 39,000 died in transportation accidents. Oh and 587 accidental shootings, 3549 accidental drownings, 24,062 falls, and 35,933 suicides. There is loads more data than this. Be healthy, be happy, and be careful when you drive. National Vital Statistics Reports
    Volume 59, Number 2 December 9, 2010

    • A-fokkin-men.

      As for all of you above, I quoted specific things that he said, but that wasn’t my point – it’s the fact that he’s comparing data from completely different years, sometimes as much as nine years apart. It’s twisting how we percieve the facts without actually changing the facts. It’s the same reason why Gas pumps always have 3 decimal places on the gallons, but only 2 on the dollars: so they can show:
      7.367 Gal.

      Our thinking says, well obviously 23 is bigger than 7, but when we’re just glancing, we see 2 on the far left, and 7 on the far left, and our mind is happy. Another example is when they are quoting huge numbers, and they are trying to make two million sound bigger than point-7 billion. If you stop and think, obviously, 700 million is bigger than two million – but that’s not what we hear.

  7. Go ahead go swim in the ocean because you think its safer then playing with a dog, but just remember:

    That is what the Sharks want you too think.

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