What common sayings do people get wrong?

Reddit asks the question.  Here are a few answers:

  • I heard a girl says “I’m going out on a limp here”.
  • My wife once said something about the our cats not being able to pick something up because they lacked disposable thumbs.
  • For all intensive purposes
  • Be more Pacific.
  • I returned a call to a claims adjuster, to receive her voicemail greeting that said she was in the office from 8 AM to 5:00 PM, specific time.
  • “I really enjoy your self-defecating humor.”
  • It’s a “mute” point vs “moot”. Drives me insane.
  • I never knew my dad was saying “up and at ’em” as opposed to “up and atom”.
  • Labtop
  • “I did a complete 360 and turned my life around”
  • “expecially”. Ugh.
  • “ex cetera”
  • “Take it for granite.”
  • Happy Valentime’s
  • irregardless of the facts
  • I said “play it by year” for, well, years.
  • “Li-berry” instead of “library”
  • Fustrated
  • “supposably”
  • A co-worker told me “I am not very computer sassy”.
  • Old timers instead of Alzheimer’s.
  • Or All timers.
  • People using the phrase “I literally” figuratively. Ex: I literally died laughing
  • I had a friend who thought the song was Ducks in the Wind.
  • On accident.
  • nukular
  • I could care less.
  • Wheelbarrel. 30 minute argument at work over barrel/barrow. 4 took the side of barrel, 10 on the side of barrow.
  • “Each one worse than the next,” as opposed to “Each one worse than the last.”
  • Warshington! THERE IS NO ‘R’ IN WASHINGTON!



33 thoughts on “What common sayings do people get wrong?

    • Yeah, and how did this ‘standing ON line’ thing start? Where’s the line I’m standing ON? I’m standing ‘IN line’ between a bunch of other people.

  1. Here is one.
    I have issue with people who have a problem with “I could care less.” To me to say that says you care so little about it that you don’t even bother to say it right. If you say “I couldn’t care less.”, you actually do it a certain amount of respect by saying your insult correctly. If you say “I could care less.” it means you truly don’t give a sh!t.

  2. If you are from the District of Columbia, it is pronounced Warsh-ing-ton. Trust me on this…My family constantly kids me about it.

  3. I had a long-running disagreement with a coworker over “it leaks like a sieve” vs. “it leaks like a sift”.

    And vs. is pronounced “versus”, not “verse”. I suddenly hear this everywhere, even in broadcasting where they should know better.

  4. It’s– Give him some “leeway”, not “leadway”. “Ask”, not “aks”. “Chimney”, not “chimbly”. “Could have gone”, not “could of gone”.
    And I think 50%+ of people have no idea how to say “linoleum”.

  5. A lady stopped me and said she wanted to “AXE” me something. I didn’t see a weapon on her, but just to be safe, I tased her.

    • Give that woman the Taser one time for me, too. That one, and the one about “could care less” are the two that really piss me off.

  6. A friend always says “supposably” and it drives me crazy. I ws mortified to find out that, according to Merriam-Webster, it’s an actual word. My friend’s usage is wrong, but it’s a word.

  7. ‘Ex’ as in exit or exact is not pronounce as ‘egs’ as in egsit. The word is probably not prolly. There is no such thing as a free gift. All gifts are free or they wouldn’t be gifts. Viable alternative is redundant. For something to be an alternative, i.e. workable, it must be viable. Words such as million, billion , William, etc. with double ‘ll’ in them are not mee-yun, bee-yun, and Wee-yum.

    • Yeah what is it with ‘troops’? I thought a troop was a group of soldiers. When did troops start referring to individuals?

      There are 20 troops in the troop. (???)

      • “Troop” is a collective, like “herd”. An individual soldier is a soldier, duh. If you want to use a form of “troop” use “trooper”. I don’t think “troop” is an official designation for a group of soldiers, such as a battalion or a division. Can’t ask reporters to actually report whether they were talking about infantrymen, airmen, seamen, marines, gunners, pilots, etc.

  8. My Dad used to be driven nuts by a co-worker who said there was a parcel to be picked up at the “bus steeple.” Then there is the fellow I worked with whose sister thought it was the “windsheild factor” not the wind chill factor.

  9. Here’s one that really bugs me:

    “I’d like to try the tuna shashimi”

    It’s suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhshimi (sashimi) not shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuushimi

  10. I can handle “yous guys” but when it belongs to more than one of you, “your guyses” drives me nuts!

      • Man, I don’t know where you live, but don’t you know it’s y’all for one guy, all y’all for many guys, and alls y’all’s if it belongs to all of them! Gosh… get it right.


  11. Some random guy asked me a year or so ago “What time IT IS?” I didn’t even answer. I just laughed and walked away. He probably thought I was an ass, but i knew he was a moron.

    Also, It always bugs me when people can’t make the “or” sound, like in Floor or Four. They always say Fo’ or Flow. I saw a picture of someone who wrote their phone ‘number’ on a bathroom wall… it said “na fa fo – na na fa fo”

    I also laugh when people repeat themselves without knowing, such as PIN number (personal identification number number) or ATM (automatic teller machine… machine).

  12. How about people who get taken to a cemetary in a “hearst”? What the hell kind of vehicle is a hearst? I always thought it was a hearse. So did my friend who worked in a funeral home.

  13. “Expresso.” It’s “espresso.”
    Brianch, sorry, but if you say “I could care less”, it implies that you do care somewhat. If you say “I couldn’t care less”, it means you don’t care at all.

  14. “Momento” is the one that drives me crazy! There’s no such word! You may, however, have a “memento” of a “momentous” occasion.

    As for the singular vs plural Y’all debate: Sorry, but you’re wrong Maoman. To back up my claim, years ago when Delta Air Lines was a provincial southern carrier, the stewardesses (it WAS years ago!) got really annoyed when Yankees, feigning a drawl, would address one of them as “you-all” or more commonly “y’all”. (as in, “Honey, won’t y’all bring me a beer.”) So Delta actually printed up a poem on a little card for them to hand out . . . I have an original:

    Come all of you from other parts,
    Both city folks and rural,
    And listen while I tell you this:
    The word “you-all” is plural.

    When we say “you-all” must come down,
    Or “we-all” shall be lonely,
    We mean a dozen folks, perhaps,
    And not one person only.

    If I should say to Hiram Jones
    For instance, “You-all’s lazy;”
    Or, “Will you-all lend me your knife:”
    He’d think that I was crazy.

    Now if you’d be more sociable
    and with us often mingle,
    You’d find that on the native tongue,
    You-all is never single.

    Don’t think I mean to criticize,
    Or act as if I know all;
    But, when we speak of one alone,
    We-all say “you” like you-all.


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