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Several times a week I post infographics about various topics on B&P.  Many of the ones of late I am being paid by a marketing company to post.  They link to sponsors who pay for the posts.  Last month I made $130 posting infographics.

Apparently some are less factual than others.  Does this matter to you, the readers of B&P?  Keeping in mind that B&P needs revenue to keep afloat, I want to know how strongly you feel about them.  Should I keep posting them, stop posting them, or do you just ignore them and move on?

Tell me what you think.

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40 comments to Infographics poll

  • Josh

    If they make you enough money to keep you from having to use a more annoying format keep them…I have enjoyed your site for several years and feel guilty for never buying you a beer.

  • DJ

    If I see one that interests me, I can just start googling to verify something I might find questionable.

    And like any other post, I don’t have to read it if it doesn’t interest me.

    If it helps support B&P, bring ’em on. Cheers!

  • Derek

    I honestly don’t even notice them. I’ve been on the Internet so long that the ads don’t even register with me unless they’re those Flash ads that don’t let you read the freaking website you’re trying to read.

    • Maoman

      They’re not ads, they’re infographics. The big pictures with lots of information like “Things you didn’t know about _______”

      Personally, I like them, most of the time. Unfortunately i’m cursed with bits of knowledge in just about every field, so in almost every one I see, I point out something wrong… XD Sometimes, if it’s blatently wrong and important, and I know people are gonna believe it, I get a little pissed, but most of the time I’m just like “Ha – you’re wrong, random-person-who-made-this.”

  • Pangolin

    I like them, and I know that they are not necessarily fully accurate. And definitely you have a right to post advertisements to help this site pay for itself.

    That said, I would be more distrustful of one I knew was from a marketing company — and I really think that it would only be fair to have it made clear which ones you’re being paid to post versus which ones you find and choose to post. Make it clear if it’s an ad, and it’s all good!

  • grumpy

    Any way you can post a disclaimer (some icon on each post?) and still get the revenue? A lot of stuff here (and other places) is “shopped”, “signed” or “staged”. But still funny.

    Follow the money, your bloggies are the smartest people in the world, we can figure it out.

  • tweety

    I agree with DJ. I usually skip them, but if it supports B & P go for it. I also like Grumpy’s idea of a disclaimer icon of some sort.

  • KLAW

    I look forward to them, and buy most of the crap I see if I need it or not. Why do you think your knocking down $130.00 bucks a month?

  • Bruno

    I usually skip them here, because half a dozen sites publish the same infographics during a single day, and B&P is normally late on that.
    Btw, keep up the good work, your posts are nice!

  • MCW

    In all honesty, I usually just skip over them, but don’t discard a decent revenue stream on account of me. I’m going to come here every day regardless! This is still my favorite blog after 2 or 3 years of frequenting – Jonco rocks, and that’s a verifiable fact!

  • zdn

    I want you to keep them… They’re entertaining… even if some of them are not actually factual….. and if they help you, they sure why not keep them? I mean, some infographics don’t have to be “facts” but they’re just something to entertain us, you know… exactly why you have your site here up and running 😀

  • Scott

    If we get sick of seeing them day after day, would that be ad nauseam?

  • Gretal

    Keep posting them if you get some money for it. A disclaimer would be nice, like “take with a grain of salt” or “accuracy questionable”.

  • infidel

    go for it Jonco ,thats pretty good pay

  • Will

    Jonco i dont come here for an edumication icome here because work sux and i need abreak and a laugh! Make a million a month good for you! BTW I made 130.00 at work last month a nobody asked me to verify a thing! Keep up the good work

  • If it helps Bits and Pieces to stay online, I’m all for it! And sometimes they’re quite interesting too, so no worries, but thanks for asking!

  • I like ’em a lot. You do a mah-velous job with the site as usual.

  • Gary

    I rarely look at them the first time through the day’s posts, but after checking out everything else sometimes I skim through them. You might say I’m not ad-dicted to them.

    To sum up; they’re not my cup of tea, but I don’t get my panties in a wad about it, I just scroll on to the things that I like. I say keep’em if they’re helping pay the freight. I’m a B&P reg. either way.

  • Robert

    I posted yes (because they are annoying), but then I read on to see that you are getting paid, so by all means, take their money!

  • brianch

    Do you make more money if we click on the link following? (presumably the sponsor)

    I can’t say I like the “less factual” thing. Sounds like lying to me. I like infographics because I kid myself I am learning more useless crap, but learning lies will not get me through JEOPARDY!

    • Jonco

      I don’t make any money by you clicking on anything in the infographic posts. I do make money if you click on the Google ads on the page or if you purchase anything from the Amazon ad in the sidebar.
      Like you I think of it as learning useless crap. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of anything in the infographics, or the internet at large and it does bother me when people say its facts are wrong. But I have no control over it. With that said, I still find some of them interesting.

  • It’s your site. Do what makes you happy and/or money. If infographics was all that you posted, then I’d go somewhere else for my amusement. So far the site doesn’t suffer because of them. Take the money.

  • Dail

    If they bring you $130 a pop, by all means keep posting them. They don’t bother me…I can scroll through them in 0.62 seconds.

  • I hate them. But continuing to post them won’t make me stop reading this blog.

    What you forgot to mention is that this “marketing” company is actually a “search engine optimization” company. They are buying links to spam and scam sites that would normally never be found by search engines. In other words, you’re actively supporting the scum of the Web.

    Personally, I’d prefer it if you just displayed a huge ad: “Click here to visit a scam site that I would not normally support, but they are paying me for this link so I fully support them.”

    • Jonco

      You know more about SEO’s and marketing than I do obviously, but I don’t think your last paragraph is fair. I would guess that most people who look at the infographics don’t click on them, but just read or at least scan them to see if they’re interesting enough to read (that’s what I’d do anyway). I would very rarely click on something like this. Comparing that to an ad that says, “Click here to visit a scam site…” isn’t fair or sensible. Some infographics have some interesting statistics in them that make people think about things.

      To me the ‘scum of the web’ are the spammers who leave comments on blogs like yours and mine from people that don’t read the sites and contribute nothing except the hope that their comment will make it through the moderation process and see the light of day. I get hundreds of these a day. Comments like…”Usually I do not write on posts, but I would like to say that this blog really forced me to do it! Thanks, very good post.” or “Interesting thoughts here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us all.” or “Neat blog layout! Very easy on the eyes.. i like the colors you picked out“. These of course all have links to some website or other that they’re promoting. These people provide NOTHING to our websites or our readers.

      • Revrick315

        Absolutely correct, JONCO. I was just over at and although I didn’t by thing Me thought yur readers would find to be some of the most marvelousjunk you would ever find, even if you went to or cuz theyve got marvelousjunk yur reader njoy. And don’t forget their sister site

  • Yeah, you’re right. This SEO company isn’t necessarily trying to get hits, it’s paying for the back links — which is exactly what those comment spammers are doing. They don’t really expect anyone to click the links they post in a comment. They just want Google to find the links in a high-ranking site before they are deleted — which gives the site higher page rank.

    So many scammy tactics out there.

    • Maoman

      I truly pity the people (both online and off) who’s ONLY method of being noticed is by being annoying or being in the way: The true scum of society.

  • KLAW

    Forget what I said up there ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ . I only buy the male enhancement stuff. I feel a virus coming on, cough, hack.

  • J-W #656

    I’ve enjoyed them and just like everything else I read on the Net, I take them with a grain of salt.

  • Blank

    Obviously this poll is going to get skewed data. Those who like polls will answer, those who don’t will skip it.

  • Spud

    I rarely read them, but it’s not a lot of work to keep scrolling to stuff I enjoy. Other readers probably like them a lot more than I do, so I’m going to vote “I don’t care one way or another”

  • grumpy

    “Fox News” and “Bits & Pieces”, the only two sources I trust.

  • Sander

    I read each and every single one of them. I’m a nerd like that. But I do often question their validity, but like with everything on the internet, that’s to be expected. Even without the money issue, I’d rather have them then not have them. I like ’em.

  • KLAW

    J-Walk……hate is a strong and powerful word. May I suggest ‘dislike’ ?

  • Miss Silver

    I don’t notice them. As long as it keeps this site up, and we get to see more of Gus and Trixie, it’s all good!

  • Barb Dwigher

    I didn’t realize they were revenue producing. Thought it was just interesting stuff you found while “scour[ing] the web so you don’t have to.” Some are amusing. Some are mildly interesting. Some I just skip.
    I don’t like infomercials but they don’t stop me from enjoying other programs on the same channel.
    Keep them! More beers for Jonco.

  • Mathman54

    Keep posting them. I never believe anything I read on the Internet until I see it confirmed on TV. (Previous sentence written in Bold Face Sarcasm Font.)

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