Frog found in frozen vegetables

Frozen frog


Thanks Miss Silver


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  • ArabianShark

    This seems to be more common than one would like to think. I remember a picture of a packet of fresh salad leaves with a live frog packed along (it was a Canónigos packet, if anyone cares to know).

  • krisgo

    How many people actually look into the bag before they pour it into the pot of water or casserole mixture or whatever….. ew….

  • bobo

    frogs are edible… for some

    • ArabianShark

      After they’ve been steam cleaned, lightly killed and covered in a crisp thin layer of swiss chocolate.

  • eyeball

    Again, Kermit is foiled in his attempts with cryogenics to find a cure for the warts he’d gotten from Miss Piggy.

  • infidel

    little extra meat

  • Yep

    A Lottery ticket by any other name; 99cent bag of frozen veggies = million dollar lawsuit (pain & suffering, of course).

  • Bella

    The little guy wouldn’t eat very much.

  • Joey (from Sweden)

    Well, if you’re unlucky it could be a poison dart frog.


  • Nihilady

    I know if cooked fresh they jump around in the pan while being cooked… do they still jump if frozen then cooked?

  • That’s a toad, actually.

  • Bird’s Eye Exec: “We gotta do something about the toad in our veggie bag!”
    Marketing Exec: “How about – Find a toad in your Bird’s Eye mixed Veggies and you fly free!”
    Bird’s Eye Exec: “No!”
    Marketing Exec: “How about – New Harry Potter Special Edition Mixed Veggies! Free Hogwarts in Every Bag?”
    Bird’s Eye Exec: “Argh! No!”
    Marketing Exec: “How about – Kiss this bag of Veggies and it’ll turn into a Prince Spaghetti Dinner!”
    Bird’s Eye Exec: “You’re Fired!”

  • Blue

    Please… frog and veggies coated in same amount frost… frost that gathers on items in a bag that has been OPENED… On this pic alone, the veggie company ought to counter-sue the attempted thief…

  • revrick315

    It ain’t easy being greens.

  • jimmylee

    Oh, we use only the finest baby frogs, dew-picked and flown from Iraq, cleansed in the finest quality spring water, lightly killed, and sealed in a succulent, Swiss, quintuple-smooth, treble-milk chocolate envelope, and lovingly frosted with glucose.

  • Genie

    LMAO you guys are hilarious!! cool Python jab there jimmylee!

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