Reflections on the weekend and the BABBQ

What a wonderful weekend with some pretty awesome people. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the weekend gathering for B&P readers here in St. Louis.  The only thing that could have made it better was if more people had shown up.  I believe the ones that did make it had a great time.  We had about a dozen from out of town and a few from the local area.  When you throw in my family and friends, some of who read but rarely comment, we ended up with about 40 people.  In some ways a smaller group is nice because you can spend more time talking to some people, but I was hoping for more.

It’s amazing how you can get to know people before you actually meet them.  Any when you do meet them it’s like you’re meeting an old friend you hadn’t seen in a while.  It was just very, very comfortable.  I appreciate that people would pack up and drive, or fly, hundreds of miles to attend a function like this.

A few notes….. 
We put together a B&P Trivia Quiz. It had questions like…. What is the B&P motto, What’s the name of my motorcycle ,What was my aunts name in Florida among others. Today I was just going through the answer sheets.  One of the questions was “How old is Jonco?”  Nick (aka Mr. Meee) answered 74.  Meee, would you slap him for me?

Gus was the hit of the party. I had to check Ariane’s purse when she left to make sure she didn’t kidnap him.  πŸ™‚  Someone else offered to trade his prize in the Let’s Make A Big Ass Deal game for Gus.

Food:  We had waaaaay to much of it…. or you guys didn’t eat enough.  Thanks to Dan and Dave for their all day efforts providing us with hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts, ribs, one inch thick pork steaks, toasted ravioli, smoked salmon bites, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, gooey butter cookies and cakes, plus much more.

Thanks to all who helped out:  Pat, Krisgo & Seth, Dave, Dan, Mike & Pat, Janet & Dawn, Gail & Mike, my grandkids, Kaitie, Seth, Vince and Logan.  Without you guys I couldn’t have done this.

A couple of special messages:  While we were there and posing for a group picture we made a couple of special messages to a couple of people who couldn’t make it.  I had to enhance the lettering on the signs for readability.  You can click the photos to enlarge them.

Miss u Bella

Fuck cancer

And a few more pictures…. (click to enlarge)

Bbq9  Bbq8

Bbq10 Bbq13

Bbq12 Bbq14

80 thoughts on “Reflections on the weekend and the BABBQ

  1. I feel like one Canucklehead hormone. (I spelt it right, I think) The waterworks here have been flowing, and I’m ranging from laughing my butt off to massive tears looking at the pictures. Your outpouring of Love has made my resolve even stronger and I’m sorry if I turn into a pain in the ass. I mean to. Thank You to all of you standing there with the letters and Thank You for sharing these special pictures with us. You are some very wonderful people. Thank You for even thinking of me. Wow!
    Fuck Cancer But TREASURE FRIENDS. πŸ™‚

    • I am with you, Bella!! I range from a huge grin to weeping. I love that we were really there is spirit even if we couldn’t be there in person!

      Thank you all so much! xxxooo

  2. Bella, we were all thinking of you. Your name was brought up hundreds of times. Bitsy, may I say the same about you. When these fine people throw a big ass bbq, they spare nothing. Thanks again.

  3. Yaay Bella! You’ve inspired us and impressed us with your tenacity and resolve in battling the beast for just over a year now.

    We drank most of the beer in two states so you don’t have to.

    • I forgot to mention that DJ had a birthday on Thursday. We were all going to sing Happy Birthday. He recently said we’re about the same age, so how does it feel to be 74, DJ?

      • Happy Belated Birthday to DJ, who’s on his way home today. Also, if I’m not mistaken, it was Tenderkiss’s birthday on the 4th. Happy Belated Birthday Tenderkiss.

        • Yes, It was my birthday too, thank you for remembering me Bella. ‘Tho I could not go to the bbq either, I did have a great birthday. πŸ˜€

      • Time flies, eh? Don’t tell my Mom…she’s only 89.
        She’d take you down, and not in a good way.

        Just got home a few minutes ago. Perfect day for a 600 mile drive…smiling all the way.

    • I’m still recovering from number one. I was wiped out all day yesterday. I took a two hour nap and felt a little better after that. I’m not as young as I used to be. Us “74” year-olds can’t do the things we used to do. Grrrrrrr… Somebody oughta slap that Nick kid. πŸ™‚

  4. Jonco thought of everything, he even set up a Stoop N Poop out at the edge of the yard for when the bathrooms were occupied.

    The entertainment highlight to me was when Jonco sung to the Karaoke version of ‘You can run but you can’t hide’ in honor of Revrick.

    • We kept thinking we heard branches breaking and leaves moving out in the woods behind the place. I wanted to take a steak and some desserts out there to entice Rev out to join us.

        • You really don’t know how tempting it was, but I wouldn’t have done it without at least paying for a shirt. (Plus a family emergency came up that prevented me from doing an unscheduled run). But then again…Jonco, take a look at the reflection over your right shoulder in the picture with you and DJ after the big ass deal. Doesn’t look like Mary…doesn’t look like Jesus….could it be REV?

  5. Wish I could have been there, Jonco, but it was just a little too far from Alaska (especially in this economy). I am, however, probably going to leave Alaska after 11 years here and move back to my native Georgia, so maybe I’ll be able to attend BABBQ 2011! I’m glad all of you had a good time with Jonco & co!

    • You have a great website from which I borrow all the time. Even if you couldn’t be here…thanks for being there.

  6. You guys should have chipped in to buy me a return plane ticket; I’m shitting my pants right now after a 5.2. I can’t fucking function right now. I WANT THE SALMON BITES, DAMMIT. SALMON IS FUCKING AWESOME. Earthquake or salmon? SALMON DAMMIT!

  7. BAHHHH I wish I could have come. Sounds like it was a hell of a lot of fun… It’d probably have been awkward having an 18 year old there, but since I was like 14 i’ve been a lot more comfortable hanging out with people a generation above me and more.

    • You couldn’t have come into Fast Eddie’s…minimum 21 to walk in the door. But the BABBQ…you would have been welcomed by all. Just because we’re older than you doesn’t mean we’re out of our childhood phase yet.
      Remember…the only way to keep people from talking about you is to attend, and keep your ears open!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS, Jonco! That was some BABBQ!
    Thank you for hosting such a get together! I couldn’t be there but I’m glad to hear(& see)that everyone enjoyed it. Thanks for the pictures. And, DJ, thanks for sharing yours too.

  9. Jonco,

    LunchBox and I cried all weekend long and after downing several dozen beers, we’ve blood brother swore to attend next year. Is there any way to schedule it AFTER minor league baseball season is over???

    Just wanted to let you know to count us in for next year’s bash..

    Come back down and visit us when the snow hits ya!

    Fungus and LunchBox

  10. I left right after the ball game and got home last night. We lost Richard at the game. Anyone hear from him? I think ALN is still in town until tomorrow. Maybe he can help you with the leftovers.

      • Those had to be the worst seats. Not one homerun was hit into our hands.

        You know I’m kidding. Once again you went above and beyond. Great seats for a good game! And thanks ALN and Richard for sharing your prizes.

      • The big difference I noticed between the Cardinals and the Indians is that the Cards catch the ball, hit the ball, run the bases, win the game, the fans cheer–
        On the other hand the game was a sellout, but up in Cleveland there are still a LOT of great seats available…

      • made it home late last night. the seats where great. thanks for all you did already making plans for next year spent Monday and Tuesday morning checking out the area.

  11. Wishing I could have been there! Planning to come next year. Thanks for the pics – looks like ya’ll had a great time.

  12. Thanks dad for a great weekend. It was great meeting all of you, in person. It really was like a reunion with people you never met before! (That sounds like I have Alzheimers?) I hope everyone enjoyed themelves and got a little glimpse of STL, and have a bunch of positive memories from the BABBQ. Jon puts a lot of time and effort into B&P, and the gathering of freinds (not even sure if they are old friends or new, now) is a tribute to the quality of what he does. It was my pleasure to meet everyone that came and I hope to see all of you, and others the next time. See you at BABBQII!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave, it was great meeting you and your mom and dad and Krisgo and the rest of your family. Dan’s and your contribution as bbq-ers was not unnoticed. Outstanding grill work! All of the food was amazing. If I had access to the leftovers this week, I’d be fitting in my new shirt in no time.

    • Like ^^ Scott said, it was great meeting you and the rest of the family and friends. Thanks to your and Dan’s grill skill, it was more than a “Big Ass Gathering” it was a BABBQ…hope to see you again at the next one.

    • After finding out that Jonco is 74 years old, it’s nice to know that the future of the BABBQ is assured, with his much younger wife and amiable off-springs fully capable to take over soon.

      • Not to mention all his newly adopted clan. (you know, the ones that can make it past his front door) Soooo whatcha doing Revy?

  13. The BABBQ was great fun. Especially when John Ratzenberger showed up disguised as DJ…Seriously, there was enough food left over to stock next years affair. I call dibs on the ribs and those cookies. My poor car looks like the ultimate bug killer. The front area looks like a rainbow of yellow and green guts. Oh, and trust me. If you comment in here on a regular basis, you were talked about and missed. No excuses accepted next year.

  14. I planned on attending this year, of course life happens and I didn’t make it. I will plan on attending next year, and hopefully will actually make it. It looks like a great time was had by all. Sorry I missed it. Loved the pictures though!

  15. Looks like i need to get a bus and start the BABBQ express from the west cost so there are no excuses next year.[img][/img]

    • I remember when I thought 30 was old. I once told my mom that when I reach 30 I’m going to ”declare myself legally dead’. It’s amazing how tyour definition of “old” keeps changing.

      • A way to define middle aged is to double your current age. If you expect to live past that date, then you are not middle aged. Me? I don’t think I’m gonna make it to 130…

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