Open Mic Saturday


I’ll be busy entertaining some B&P readers here in St. Louis. Wish you were here!

I’m planning on posting some pictures sporadically during the day.  Hopefully that will happen.

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  • Miss Silver

    EARTHQUAKE WERE I AM! I’m feeling paranoid, still feeling aftershocks and DAMMIT, it was EPIC. BAAAW!

  • MCW

    Hey guys, wish I was there, too!! I hope everyone has a safe, happy and fun day with Jonco! Eat, drink and be merry!

  • Gary

    DAYUM!!…St Louis is a big spread…My hotel is booked full, and the lobby is abuzz about the big BBQ gathering…um, sorry Jonco I might’ve let it slip…I’ll bring an extra 12 pack.

  • Andy Klimags

    Have fun guys and gals. Wish I was there, too.

  • Janet

    Hope you all arrived safe and sound. Have fun today I wish i was there

  • Bella

    Whatcha doing now? Having a beer, I’m betting. Wish I was joining you.

    • Jonco

      Yeah, we’re having a few beers. Just had a B&P trivia contest and played Let’s Make A Big Ass Deal. We presented a few special awards and got the formalitiere’s my beer?es over with. Now, where’s my berer?

    • A L N

      Have a lot of video for you. Will have to start prepping for BABBQ the sequel. You get healthy and I will drive.

      • Bella

        You’ve got a deal there ALN. I can hardly wait to see the video. Been feeling kinda glum all day but you’ve cheered me up. Thanks buddy.

  • Sheila

    I wish I could join you. I hope you’re all having a great time.

  • that1chick

    wish I was there too, wanted to be.have fun all, drink a few for me.

  • Tamigirlrocks

    It sounds like ya’ll are off to a great start! I wish I were there, but St. Louis is quite a way from Glendale, AZ. Have fun and be safe.

  • A week ago Friday I broke my thigh bone. If that mildly dark side of you wishes to read all about my latest trials and tribulations, please give me a visit!

    Good Luck in St. Louis! Any outside thought I had of making it has been dashed, of course. But I hope you have tons of fun and share it all here when you get back!

  • Let me know if you see any illegal aliens at the BBQ…this kind….not the other kind, though I am sure everyone is welcome to stop by.

    After the BBQ can someone head up north to Chicago? There’s a place right near the Dearborn street station…Adam’s Ribs. mmmmmmmm I’d like 20 lbs of ribs and 5 gallons of BBQ sauce. Thanks!

  • StAnne

    Hope the BABBQ was epic. Awaiting photos Have fun!

  • Gary

    Wow what a great day….Jonco and his wife have to be the best hosts ever. From providing enough food and drinks for an army, to showing warmth and relaxed friendliness to everyone. Thanks a bunch Jonco and Pat, also big thanks to their son David and daughter Krisgo. Gus and Trixie were a blast, the wife and I both are crazy about Gus especially. Wish all y’all could’ve come…It felt like a family reunion, but with a bunch of the family missing.

  • DJ

    What ^he^ said, but yeah, it felt just like a family reunion, except everybody was warm and friendly and the cops weren’t called.

    I doubt if you’ll ever meet people as gracious and welcoming as Jonco and Pat, Krisgo and Dave, and their families and friends. And of course, B&P people are absolutely the best on the web.

    If you’re worried that we talked about you, we did.

    More St. Louis tomorrow for a few of us…The Arch and a Cardinals game at the new stadium.

    We scored most of the beer, as well as the food and beer, in St Louie so you don’t have to.

  • Scott

    What ^they^ said. Can’t say it enough, the Joncos are just the best. Thanks Jonco for planning and hosting the first ever babbq. He and his family and friends went absolutely all out. So much great food and hospitality. And of course meeting the B&Pers who could make it was so enjoyable. It was kind of surreal for me to meet you guys in person for the first time but felt like we’ve known each other for years. Within minutes it was like talking about old times.

    We’re not just saying nice things to be polite, the weekend couldn’t have been better. For everyone else who didn’t come, you missed a great time. When we do it again you just have to find a way to join us, you won’t regret it.

  • DJ

    Anyone still in the area…a few of us will be visiting The Arch Sunday morning…meeting in the parking lot near the north leg 9:30 am.

    Richard…turn your phone back on.

  • DJ

    I just posted my pics from Friday night at Fast Eddie’s, and the Saturday BABBQ here (sorry no captions for maybe a few days):

  • isiah


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