31 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bella

  1. Happy Birthday Bella…Love ya, ya Canuck!




  2. oops, I forgot the cake.



  3. Bella – happy birthday.

    And to quote a couple of things I like to say at times like this:

    “May the best of this year be the worst of the next”

    “May your casket be made out of 100-year-old oak trees that are planted tomorrow”

    I know, a bit cerebral, but I like them.

    I hope to see you at the 2nd annual BABBQ.


  4. Sweet People. I just got home from the most amazing birthday party that I have ever had, to this. Oh, I loves you all. Thank You so much. I must be blessed. A year ago, I wondered if I had another year in me. Didn’t know. Cancer takes children. It’s a beast. But I’m still standing and so lucky to have fine folks like you in my life. I mean it!!! Thank You so much for this. You have made my day, week, and month. Kisses and Hugs all around. Sweet people. Really, Thank You. Ya, I’ve had 5 beers. Most I’ve been able to drink in a long time. Ok, make that 6. Cheers, I love you guys.


  5. As usual, Bella, my comments are a day late and a dollar short (I owe you a dollar). Please accept belated wishes for a great year with many more to follow!


  6. Thanks everyone. You’re all so great. Happy Belated Birthday Sanddunee!!! I can just tell that you are a wonderful person. 😉


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