This is creepy

6 comments to This is creepy

  • Maoman

    I don’t know how many people actually took the time to watch this to the end…. but it’s freaking AWESOME. 😀

  • DJ

    I have no idea how they did that. That was incredible.

  • Richard

    Absolutely amazing…

  • paul in boca

    C’mon, it’s `shopped. Jeez…

  • grumpy

    About the 100th variation of the same old thing.

  • Mathman54

    I had a student once (high school age) who asked me, “Have you seen that commercial where the glowing green butterfly comes into the room, lands on the person, and the person falls asleep?”
    Yes, I had.
    “Think about that,” she asked me. “Isn’t that really creepy when you think about it?”

    I keep a fly swatter next to the bed now. (Students can have strange effects on their teachers)

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