Big Ass BBQ Update

Here’s our idea for the BABBQ:  None of this is set in stone yet, so I’m asking for input or ideas.  I want to keep it as cheap as possible and firm up the details so we can start registration in a few days.

September 4, 2010 (Labor Day Saturday) –  St. Louis MO

OK, here’s the deal: We’ll have the following:

  • Food
  • Soda
  • Beer
  • T-Shirt for everyone over 10  (kids under 10 won’t get a shirt unless you buy one)
  • Music
  • Games
  • Swimming (No lifeguard on duty)
  • Attendance Prizes
  • Trading Station prize


  • Adults over 21 –  $20
  • Ages 10 – 20 –  $15
  • Kids under 10 –  $5 (no T-shirt)
  • Extra T-Shirts – $5

The survey I took a while back  showed quite a positive response and many said they’d probably come.  I have to limit the number to somewhere around 200 if everyone still plans to come.  It will be on a first come basis.  You will have to pay in advance to reserve a place.  There will be a time where you can get a refund up until a certain date.  So if you pay and something comes up and you can’t attend, I will refund your money up until let’s say August 21.  That’s two weeks before the event.  If you cancel after August 21st, consider your payment a donation.


If anyone wants to submit a design we’ll gladly consider it.  The shirts will not be fancy ( one or two colors at most) but will commemorate the 1st Ever Bits & Pieces Big Ass BBQ.


I have a few things lined up already as prizes and we’ll also give away whatever we end up with from the B&P Trading Station.  We can have attendance prizes but we also need to come up with a way to give away the Trading Station prize.    If anyone would like to donate items for prizes I’d certainly appreciate it.

So, Let me know your thoughts on any of these things over the weekend, as I want to firm everything up and get the ball rolling.


27 thoughts on “Big Ass BBQ Update”

  1. Jonco – I think that I already made a payment several months ago, but my senility is settling in. Did you keep a record of money received? Also, I still need to know where the BABBQ is going to be held so that I can reserve a hotel room nearby.

  2. Should we start showering you with Jacksons thru the “Buy Jonco A Beer” button or will there be a way to do rubber checks & fraudulent credit cards?

  3. If you are going to allow people to cancel out and also limit the attendance to 200, I think you should allow those signing up that are numbers 201 and above to go on the waiting list. When someone cancels, then the first person on the waiting list can pay and come.

    This might work, but with the cancellation date being so late, this may only help the “wishy-washy” in the US.

    • An interesting idea Tim. It might not be a problem at all when people have to buck up. We might not get near as many people as we first estimated. I’d love to have all that want to come, but the place does have limits. I can squeeze a few extras in if that’s it, but if we end up having 400 people that want to come (which I highly doubt) I just can’t accommodate them, that’s why I need to know up front.

  4. hey Jonco,

    My brother in law has a t-shirt shop down in Festus if you are looking for someone close by and cheap.


  5. Jonco, I’d like to send some small novelty Aussie prizes cause I can’t attend. Email me a PO Box or address.

  6. I wish I could come but it’s just not possible. You guys have a great time, tho’. I’ll be thinking of all my B&P friends!


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