Spotted at a BP station in Ohio

Passing the blame


8 comments to Spotted at a BP station in Ohio

  • rendel

    I hope that station is empty of customers…

  • eyeball

    I’m thinking about going to a BP station, dropping the nozzle on the ground and telling them that I’ll be back in August to fix the situation. Bastards.

  • Scott

    Someone should turn the bp logo upside down.

    dq – disqualified

  • Philip

    If it wasn’t for the stupid environmentalist they wouldn’t have been drilling out there in the first place.

  • I have this posted on my facebook page.

  • jeff lambert

    Hey Phillip you’re an idiot! Why you ask can I say so with such conviction? Because it was NOT the enviromentalists or any other force that sent the drillers into the sea after oil. The first oil rig to go into water did so in the lakes and swamps of Southern Louisiana and Texas back in the late 1800s. The first well drilled in the Gulf of Mexico was by Kerr McGhee Co. in the early 50s. The driving force to go offshore was to get to the oil they knew was there!! In the days they went to the water to get oil there were no active or organized environmentalists. So I think you would do better to actually read to actually study a topic to find the truth of it instead of just turning on your TV and radio to listen to the drivel put forth by the political driven agendas of various talking heads that tell you the things that they tell you because they are paid by the lobyiest in D.C. to do so. If you were smarter they would not be able to lead you so docilely to the gallows of politics. But you actually WANT to go!!!
    you are an idiot and as such you are dangerous to FREEDOM. Our founding fathers were smart and they studied history and sciences people like you do neither!!

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