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  1. As for the first one, spot on. But I beg to differ about “most” pet stores getting dogs from puppymills. ALL pet stores get dogs from questionable producers, and 99% of these are puppymills by anyone’s definition.

    But the kind pet store staff are smart, and are ready to beguile you with bullsh!t. “Oh, we only get our pups from responsible breeders. Those puppymills are terrible places…we’d never do that!” They are flat-out lying. NO REPUTABLE breeder would ever sell pups to a pet store. EVER.

    Buying an animal from a pet store is supporting a cruel industry, will get you a substandard pet almost every time, and is a sucker’s bet. Only the uninformed, including celebrities with more money than sense, buy puppies from pet stores. You are not “rescuing” that dog. You are a sucker, and you definitely paid WAY too much. I hope you have some $$ left over for all the medical bills you will incur later when your precious little “teacup” (i.e. malformed freak of nature) Yorkie has massive health problems.

    Buy from a reputable breeder, adopt, or save a stray. There are plenty to be found. But buying from a pet store just screams, “I am an idiot who did not do my homework.”

    • Sometimes I feel so sorry for the poor bubs that get sold at the petshops.

      And then there are the ones at the shelter who eventually get put down. So sad! Some people get rid of their pets because they can’t afford it anymore, and that’s just horrible. Once you take on a pet, they’re family.

      My cat was from a litter of tabbies that were given away for free. The lady had obviously not spayed her queen, and she gave birth.

      I adopted my cat, Paprika, and I’m grateful I stuck with him through 2 crappy flats (first flat made me move away because they didn’t like the cat, second was because of a horrible landlady, and then it took forever to find a flat suitable for my baby.)

      I’m happy to report that my cat is living a happy life with me and my boyfriend; he’s a 7kg fluff ball who gets pampered regularly.

      Had I not adopted him, he would have ended up at the shelter, where his fate would have been uncertain!


    • The picture size doesn’t matter to me (with the current plugin) because I’m not hosting it. However a picture that is too large will get part of it cropped off when displayed here.

    • I’m thinkin’ the Amish don’t have a problem with pen ownership – maybe keyboards, but not pens.

    • Since people aren’t moving much these days, Penske made some changes and has made a fortune in the Amish pen rental business. They’re doing all-write in this economy.


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