11 thoughts on “Gus hits Russia

  1. Needles was an abused child…

    I shouln’t be, but I am continually amazed by people who go on a website (for free, even) who’s only purpose is to post stuff the guy who runs it finds interesting, And then bitch about the content.

    Dude, It’s not like Jonco owes you anything… It’s his site and if he wants to post about his dog, you can either read that post, or not read that post. Either way STFU if you dont like it, and try not to let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


  2. Awwwwww Gus! More photos, Jonco! Trixie and Gus are so cute, I truly enjoy seeing them!

  3. I second Cowracer

    if he didn’t care about the post, he didn’t have to see/read it… joy of being free!

    BTW — how are the pups doing? Is Gus still sporting the popped collar?

    • Gus has been a good dog. He is cone (collar) free. He had done little more than smell the bandage. He’s leaving it alone so he doesn’t have to wear the collar. I changed his bandage last night and didn’t do as good of a job as the vet, but it’s still on.
      He only really had the collar on for a few minutes and he didn’t move at all. I even had to tip his head down so Trixie could see his face. It was cute, sad, funny all rolled into one.

  4. You do not need “needles” as a reader. It is your blog and your cute dog and you can do as you wish.

    You do not need me as a reader either. I’m also tired of the dog.


    • Must be some kind of really primitive computer you & needles use that doesn’t allow you to skip past things you don’t like. Or is there something else going on?…Are you in some kind of third-world prison? How horrible to be somehow forced to read something you don’t want to.

      There are at least a dozen new posts @ day here…maybe 70-80 @ week or more?…and one, sometimes two are about the dogs. Wow, you’re right!! Just not worth stepping in all that dog crap to find the good stuff, huh? BTW…don’t ever pick up a newspaper or magazine…you’d be suicidal within 2 minutes.

      Hope you get out someday.
      (Not really.)


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