A star is born… under a different name

Albert Brooks (Birth name: Albert Einstein)

Ben Kingsley (Birth name: Krishna Bhanji)

Cary Grant (Birth name: Archibald Alexander Leach)

Charlie Sheen (Birth name: Carlos Irwin Estévez)

Demi Moore (Birth name: Demetria Guynes)

Elton John (Birth name: Reginald Kenneth Dwight)

Judy Garland (Birth name: Frances Ethel Gumm)

Michael Keaton (Birth name: Michael Douglas)

Miley Ray Cyrus (Birth name: Destiny Hope Cyrus)

Whoopi Goldberg (Birth name: Caryn Johnson)

Mickey Rooney (Birth name: Joe Yule, Jr.)

Shirley MacLaine (Birth name: Shirley Beaty)

Anne Rice (Birth name: Howard Allen O’Brien)

Bono (Birth name: Paul Hewson)

Elvis Costello (Birth name: Declan MacManus)

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10 thoughts on “A star is born… under a different name”

  1. Demi Moore is a bit of a cheat. Demi is short for Demetria, and Moore came from taking one of her husband’s name. Not a random invention like the rest.

  2. “Judy Garland (Birth name: Frances Ethel Gumm)”
    A long time ago, there was this TV show called ‘Out of this world’, starring Maureen Flannigan. Her character was a teenage girl called ‘Eeve Ethel Garland’.

    Kind of funny.

  3. Not a celebrity like these people, but probably not many people know President Gerald Ford’s birth name was Leslie King, Jr.

    Believe it or not, Scott is real name. True story. Unlike a bunch of you phonies.

  4. Bob Hope’s real name was Leslie Townes Hope. Legend around here is that he changed his name when they called the roll in school by last name first. His came out as “Hope, Les”.


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