Poll: The greatest decade

I ran across an article that said the 90’s was the greatest decade ever.  That got me to thinking that it all depends on when you grew up.  I think most kindly of the 60’s.  What do you think?

What was the best decade?

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15 comments to Poll: The greatest decade

  • Richard

    For me, it was the sixties. High school, women, college, first car and women. Did I mention women? On the downside, 1968-1970 was spent in the Army.

  • I was “young” in the 90es.. so I love everything about that decade because my youth was there. I am only 27 now but looking back, so sofar the 90es was the greatest 😀

  • infidel

    YEAH 70’s………..

  • J-W #656

    Agree with 60’s!!!

  • Abdullah

    This poll is going to only be relative to the ages of the viewes. What was the best decade for what..fun/economics/freedom. Too open ended.

  • Bambi

    My profs at uni speak of the 90s as being the greatest decade as mobile technology and the internet were created during the 90s… without which we wouldn’t be posting our ideas about the greatest decade on this blog!

  • Gary

    70’s for me, that’s when I got the most “strange”
    strange = you know.

  • tdc

    don’t read too much into it Abdal…the late 70’s for me …it was when i discovered my willy.

  • DJ

    LOL @ Gary!! Bet mine were “stranger” than yours!!

  • MCW

    I was born in ’62, so I’m torn between the ’60’s and the ’70’s. It’s all been quite a hassle since then. I detested the big hair,shiny clothes, me, me, me ’80’s!

  • Jarrod

    The 80’s? Must be a lot more “flock of seagulls” fans than I thought… I picked the 50’s, because everything sucks since I’ve been born (’79).

  • Ana

    80’s, cause that’s my decade. And I can’t believe someone hacked B&P, I was away for a while and was going back to catch up when I saw Jonco’s posts.

  • brianch

    It would be interesting to compare this to a poll about what was your favorite age. Pre-teen, teenage, 20s, etc. For me it would be the 20s, for the reasons mentioned above. (strange)

  • Scott

    Yay 80s win!

  • Jimbo

    Definitely the 80s. Classic movies week after week, and the dawn of video games, home computers, cell phones, and new wave music.

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