A few changes at B&P

I’ve made some changes to B&P recently.  I added a Previously on B&P section in the sidebar that displays the last ten posts.

I’ve also updated the About B&P page and the BABBQ page as well.  I also fixed the comments problem on the pages that we experienced in the last incarnation of B&P. At least I think it’s fixed.

I also removed the donation Recognition Wall that never did work right.  I also installed a plugin which allows readers to edit their comments after they posted them.

Maffu is still working on getting all the old posts back.  Cross your fingers.


2 thoughts on “A few changes at B&P”

  1. Bless your fuzzy warm heart(s)!!!! Even the search bar is back!!! Only thing missing(aside from the old posts) is the Gus & Trixie report!


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