They’vr taken this flavor thing too far

Cocal cola garlic

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Walking Billboard

For sale

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



The website’s URL

The url

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Meanwile, at the library…

WTF in the library

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Of Salt and Sound

This is an awesome demonstration of how sound travels at various frequencies. What’s particularly cool is how they illustrate it – using salt.

Depending on the frequency that the plate is adjusted to, the salt contorts and conforms to various patterns. The symmetry is breathtaking.



Light Rain



Baby Foot Massage

Baby massage


Thanks Michael M


Going back to work after a 3 day weekend

Back to work



Drone records its own near-death experience

Read all about it.


My Vision

My vision

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


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