Weekend Open Mic

Weather: We’ve had unbelievably warm weather this last couple of weeks.  It got up over 80°F a couple of days and into the 70s for quite a few more.  Unbelievable for February in the midwest. Reality came back hard Friday night.  While not as nice as it has been, the week ahead still isn’t bad for late February and Early March.

The Weekend:  We’re presenting a trivia night for a local high school organization Saturday evening.  In two more weeks, we’ll be doing another one for a different organization and two weeks after that a third one for a girl scout group.

Patio room: I worked outside this week on the siding since the weather was so nice.  I have it basically done except for some trim pieces around the window and the roof over the doggy door. Now that cooler weather is here I can get back to working on the inside.  Click image to enlarge.

I always enjoy watching the Oscars so that’s my plan for Sunday evening.

Computer woes:  I’m still having crashes on my PC. Two or three times a day.  I’m getting really good at saving whenever I make a change to something.  I’ve tested the disk drives, the memory, and the system files. All tests came back normal.  I’ve gone through and updated all the hardware drivers. Do you know how many drivers are on your computer?  Probably about a hundred.  I had to manually check for updates on each one.  There were some that needed to be updated but they didn’t stop the crashes. I’m about to the point that I’ll have to take it in and have someone look at it.

TV Binging:  Haven’t had a lot of TV time this week but did squeeze in a few more episodes of Mad Men.  I think I like it, but they sure do a lot of smoking on that show.  

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

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