The Kiss

The kiss

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Hi there!

Hi there2

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Astronauts Spotting Cities From The ISS

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Y2K Time Bomb


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Wonder how many people fell for this?


A picture a day is worth a thousand words

By sharing photos of one woman’s face over the course of a year, this video conveys a powerful message that needs to be shared. “One photo a day in the worst year of my life” was created by the Croatian government in response to a danger that many women across the globe live with every day. The harrowing message is made even more impactful by the sign the woman holds up at the end. It reads, “Help me, I don’t know if I will be alive tomorrow”.


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Billy Crystal & Jimmy Fallon – Lip Flip


Popular Stop

Popular stop



CNN Math

According to CNN news 110% of Scottish people were voting .

Cnn math

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Brown Kids Are Weird

Nrown kids are weird

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