California – A drought of historical proportions


California needs rain, and they need it bad. How bad? Just have a look at the GIF above. The first image shows Folsom Lake near Sacramento on July 20, 2011. The second image shows Folsom Lake on January 16, 2014.

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Meanwhile, sunbathing in Russia

Meanwhile, sun bathing in Russia

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

It comes with 6 cats!

It comes with 6 cats

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

It’s clear who got custody of the car

I guess we know who got the car

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

Moose Goose

moose goose


Thanks sg

Hugs – Your Choice

Hugs - Your Choice

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

A blonde and a snake – What could go wrong?

Blond w snake bite

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

A glitch in the matrix





Thanks Mike (from Spain)

Who lives in a ghetto under the sea…

who lives in the ghetto


The Road Less Traveled

road less traveled


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