Drinking Problem


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Chicken laying an egg

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High-Speed Canyon Jet Ski – Lake Powell

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Good as new

Good as new4

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Feeling Sick?

Feeling sick



Before They Were Famous Celebrity Commercials Compilation



A cop pulled me over once…

A cop pulled me over once


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B&P Link Dump

Duo toilet

What the world needs now…

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Dear sandwich thief…

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

13 Amazing Breakfasts You Actually Have Time to Make

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When the beach is too crowded…

Rita S writes…

Hi Jonco!
I’m a fan of Bits and Pieces and I follow it for some years now. I’m sending you this email because today I came across the image I’m sending you, hoping that it can be published in B&P. It’s quite hot here in Portugal, and maybe the beach (which is only about 1.3 km away) is too crowded for this lady who discovered a nice spot to get a sun tan.

Best regards and keep scouring the web for us! :)


When the beach is too crowded

Thanks Rita


Lighting up the Arch

We’ve been having afternoon storms roll through every afternoon the last few days.  This was captured yesterday.

Arch lightning1

Arch lightning3


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