Open Mic

I’m off to Florida to spend a week with my brother, just the two of us.  I’ll try to have a few posts up each day while I’m gone but there will be fewer than normal.  I’ll try to post a little from my adventures there.  I’ll return next Thursday so things should get back to normal next Friday.  

I hope you all take advantage of this Open Mic to discuss whatever you want. All I ask is that you all play well together


A flying “car” is on the horizon

Read all about it.


Leave it

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)

From the lanai…

Click to enlarge.
lanai vs veranda (I didn’t now the difference so I looked it up. There doesn’t seem to be a difference.  They call them lanai’s here.)

We’re still waiting…

Meanwhile, in Florida…

After returning back to the condo my brother has rented, Google presented me with this video it created of the pictures I took today of the condo and a pontoon boat ride we took this morning.  The temperature is in the mid-90s but there was a good breeze out on the lake.

Some of the lots along the lake shore go for $1 million.  That’s just the lot. The house is extra. So, this is how the top one percent live.


A place for everyone…

… and everyone in their place.

Thanks, Jeff M

Copy Cat


Almost made it



Meanwhile, at Target…

Caption Contest – 820

Thanks, Sourpuss
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